Muscle-Based Deformation

Hello, everyone,

I wanted to show off a personal project I am working on. It’s a new method of getting realistic body deformation based on real-life anatomical muscular-skeletal functionality.

Long story short my rig uses no blendshapes (NO pose-space deformation) and automatic weightmapping. It’s still a work in progress but you can see a little preview here:

Right now I’m working on a method of making the easily customizable. Because it’s highly anatomically accurate, transferring it from one character to another will require the rigger to have a profound level of anatomical knowledge (medical level). My aim is to make the process as easy as just moving a bunch of points around.


That’s a really good job, and without blendshapes? Amazing!

Is it something that works in UE4?

Thank you.

Yes. It uses general weight maps with linear skinning, so no fancy tricks just a new rigging method. It works with Dual Quaternion too but some programs don’t support it. There is a slight difference between Linear and Dual Quaternion but it’s unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

Some previous tests:

Here you can see no geometry clipping when the arm is down. This is a side-effect of the rigging method which proves very useful when combined with cloth simulation:

Male/Female morphs:


Testing out how it looks with smooth details:

There is no spring dynamics feature but it can be keyframed in manually, same goes for squishing and squashing:

This effect can be applied to each part of the body.

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Some NPR renders:


Shadows controlled through normal maps

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