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Murnatan is multiplayer FPS for up to 64 players, divided in two teams (humans and aliens), each with their own gameplay and strategy.

The main feature that differentiates Murnatan from common FPS is combination of first-person shooter and real-time strategy rules as building a base is very important element of the game.

While the two teams have similar goals, gameplay for each team is totally different and building a base demands different approach. Where Humans rely on advanced technology, Aliens mostly use melee or special attacks and have various perks. Therefore, every game is different.

Note: It’s not a scary game with creepy aliens. Murnatan is an entertaining game with a bit murderous, but still lovely aliens.

**Release date (Early Access): soon

**Platforms:**PC (probably even Mac and Linux)



  • two very different, but well balanced teams
  • three stages of advancements during play
  • buildable (and destroyable, which is even more fun!) bases
  • 39 basic buildables
  • 11 playable aliens
  • 14 human weapons/classes
  • capella!


  • achievements
  • skillshots
  • AAA game engine
  • vehicles, ships
  • theme maps based on movies or inspired by other games
  • mods! (HvsH, ball… )


  • very customizable server
  • anti-griefer system
  • ingame currency (skill-based, not real money. Necessary to earn better items)
  • 20+ languages (including weird ones, you know who we mean :wink: )
  • detailed stats
  • player skins
  • interactive maps

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Please don’t hesitate to ask technical questions about how the game is done ! We will always try to answer asap.


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Youtube: Murnatan - YouTube

Team: Murnatan - Team

Looks good from the video, only envis but interesting :wink:

I like it! please continue on that project and keep us updated.

Wow, looks amazing, I like this “goat”^^

I might be a tad stupid here… Is this some kind of game that builds on the same gameplay as Rust or other basebuilding survival game? Will humans be able to kill humans or are the “teams” locked? I dont really get how the server works. To me it sounds like a 32v32 map like battlefield but with basebuilding elements? can you clear this out for me please?

Hello, it is not like Rust/survival. It is similar to Team Fortress 2 like game. So you can play as human or as alien in designed maps. Humans are able to kill other humans but they are your teammates so you should not to do that :slight_smile: You should kill humans only when you are alien.
And about that base building - you will start on map with default base and you can make it better or you can choose better place for your base and place there turrets, healing pods, armoury… and most important - spawns. When you die then you can respawn on these spawns. If your team will lose all spawns and there will be no builder and no armoury (there you can buy weapon which can be used to build other structures) then rest of humans will probably die soon (no ammo and no respawn) and aliens will win.

We will release video from game soon so it will be better to understand how it works and looks.

I Like the concept. BTW that goat looks epic. :wink:

So there is video with little action from game:

Also we are currently on Steam Greenlight. If you like it, please vote for us: Steam Community :: Error Thanks :slight_smile:

We got Greenlighted just in 7 days - thanks for everyone who voted for us. :o