Murdock Ragdoll


I am creating a project, and I am using the murdock character from the paragon pack. I am trying to implement ragdoll on him and I am getting very strange results. I there was not built in physics assets for physics (only for extents and lighting) so I autogenerated one. When I activate ragdoll it looks very strange. here is what it looks like: Screen capture - 1874522fa42dc079430ec47845b14935 - Gyazo.

Thanks for the Help!

Did you solve this? I’m trying to do the same with twinblast and he goes kind of weird on Ragdoll

Not yet, I moved on to a different project.

Default physical assets for Murdock and possibly other Paragon characters doesn’t have constraints in their physical assets. You can edit skeletal meshes for them and connect bones so they don’t fall apart.

I solved this via adding contraints in skeleton asset, you just have to connect every physical part that is neede. However, it’s difficult to make it look realistic and it requires more work to add proper contraints and angle limits to bones. I still didn’t do this and my ragdolled Murdock currently looks like he has all his bones broken.

Yes after digging around I noticed that their physics asset is really basic. You can duplicate the Mannequin asset and add that to the paragon skeleton. The only issue I have is setting up constraints on Twinblaster’s guns. They’re sort of connected, but they flop around a lot.