Murder Muffin

Coming February 7th 2016: “Murder Muffin episode 5: The Unreal Episode”

Until then, here are the previous episodes to get you all up to speed.

this is sooo bad, that its good again somehow. like Monty Python on steroids. congrats on creativity.

There will be a day or two delay in the release of “Murder Muffin episode 5”, as I received an email last night with links to videos and photos of a show I was part of this past November, and I ended up spending too much time watching the videos. To better illustrate what I am talking about, here are a couple videos from “The Music of Junk” live November 2015 at the Waterfront Theater on Granville Island in Vancouver. I am the drummer playing the trash kit.

Rhythm and Tubes


Happily Ever After


If you are interested in seeing more photos or watching more videos, please visit these pages:


Videos under ‘Live!’ tab on

Now, back to making “Murder Muffin episode 5 - the Unreal Episode”

All the bits are in place to make the game, so a few more days and “Murder Muffin ep5 - the Unreal Episode” will be ready for download or for viewing on YouTube.

The most anticipated video game of 2016 featuring sentient baked goods, “Murder Muffin episode 5” arrives March 10th.