Multy screen video open source media player possible?

Hi Everyone

I have been trying to make for my intro a bunch of little clip that plays on multi monitors in the background and I was wondering if anyone knew how this could be done. Because when opening more then one media source at the time my framework goes almost double so I can’t imagine making 27ish go at the same time.
I am talking about media texture materials of course. I already got 1 working for all of them but i’m trying to make multi different feeds.
Any clue on how to make this possible without a massive drop rate?

Unless your videos have a tiny resolution, you won’t be able to decode 27 of them in parallel even on the fastest computers. Instead, the standard approach to this kind of project is to have one or two big video files that contain all of the screens, and then use UVs or texture alignment to render the individual portions on each of the screens.

Alright I’ll give it a shot thanks.