Multithreading issue

Hey guys! I loaded my data into the Session Frontend and i saw a loooooot of CPU stall so I started searching for informations. Could multi-threading resolve this kind of problems? I saw this tutorial here (I use blueprint but I saw that I need to code in C++) but I’m not sure of how this exactly work. Can someone help me? Any information could help a lot i’m desperately trying to understand more about it :smiley: Thanks a lot!

It’s unlikely data loading will be resolved with multithreading.

Multi-threading’s advantage is if you have lots of DIFFERENT things that need to happen at once, you can multi-thread them to offer parallel processing.

But for example, let’s say you need to load a huge mesh at runtime in unreal engine. This single action is unlikely to benefit from multi-threading because this action takes places at almost max speed and is bottlenecked by the slowest component on the computer (is it the cpu, memory, ram or gpu)? splitting it up will not help, the bottleneck still exists and splitting up is extra work, you now have to re-assemble the data and you just lost your performance gains. there are exceptions however and YMMV depending on what you are doing.

For example rendering benefits hugely by multi-threading since they can chop up the screen into little squares and render each box then when all done they assemble them into 1 screen which is fast and simple. This is because there is no dependency and no order requirements per little box.

Anyways I digress, what exactly are you trying to load that is causing cpu stall?

while the tick in the game thread is ok (the thing I’m most afraid of) this is what I see when i put data in session frontend. My game is 60fps locked and I don’t have any idea of what could be the issue. I’d like to learn to read all this data so I was looking for info :smiley: Thanks for your message btw!

I believe you can ignore those, it just means the CPU has no work to do at all, which is technically good.

Your fps lock is most likely your monitor with vsync is enabled, or one of the fps smoothing or max framerate is set in the engine, or your using Vulkan in PIE mode which for no good reason is locked to 60 fps (at least im my experience it is)