Multitextures in Unreal Engine

What are the chances for the 3d studio max plugin Multitextures to be implemented/supported in Unreal Engine? We create a lot of architectural stuff that we would like to easily export/import into unreal engine. Right now, this is not working?

That’s not going to happen, but whatever materials you apply to something in 3ds Max can be exported to UE4, though basic material settings are only what’s supported. Beyond that, you can use the Unreal Studio Datasmith plugin to export which will try to recreate more complex materials.

Thanks for your response. Basically what you’re saying is that it’s a hit or miss with multitextures from max -> unreal. I wonder why you think it’s not gonna happen? A lot of people use multitextures in max, and it’s a fairly essential feature to transfer directly to the unreal scene. :slight_smile:

What is a Multitexture in 3Ds Max though?
MultiMaterial / SubMaterials are importing fine

It’s a plugin that randomize textures at rendering time.

The same can be done in material editor, but to do it without eating extra texture samples per random texture then a native Unreal plugin would be required.
I could do this, have already been requested few times, but I didn’t bother, busy with boring stuff.

Importing the setup from Max tho, I don’t know if that would ever work, maybe Epic could do it with their Datasmith thingy.

Substance plugin can also do this easily.

If the plugin can apply the textures in Max then they’re applied and that can just export to UE4

No, it’s a collection of textures.
They change randomly every time scene is rendered.
Instead of having same wood planks everywhere, it adds variation.

When exporting to Unreal only one texture will be set on floor, no random looks.

But it’s easy to do this with Substance smart materials anyway.

Hello Bruno!
Could you tell me a little more about this workflow? Right now if you are importing .sbsar into unreal with randomizing param it will change pattern random only for one tile. So you will see tiling anyway. Thank you!

Sorry I haven’t been using their software anymore for a long time already.
And when I stop using a thing I forget everything about it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not working exactly that way, it doesnt change EVERY time a scene is rendered, works with a seed.
Multitexture is used to load a batch of textures into a single “slot”, you apply this material to an object that has multiple id’s, one per element, then you can randomize the color, hue, brigthness, rotation…of each image via some percent spinners.

The equivalent will be a texture node that loads n number of images and apllies them to each objet’s element WITHOUT having to assign one material at a time

Did anyone figure out how to load ‘n’ number of texture images and apply a random texture to object’s element?

Using Floor Generator in Max with Vray multi mats…you have to bake your model, in my case a 25 ’ x 30 ft classroom carpet. No way around it until its supported in UE.