Multisphere Trace Going Through Walls and Not Producing a Impact Point

Hey guys,

I’m currently running into a little issue with my Multisphere trace. What I am trying to make is a simple grenade explosion. I fire the grenade and after a delay it blows up pushing back anything in the area that is able to move. At first I added an impulse but it went through walls unfortunately so I switched to a Multisphere trace which kind of works but also kind of doesn’t. For example, if I apply a Multisphere trace is does detect everything in that area and creates an explosion but still goes through walls. So I decided to add a linetrace after the multisphere trace to detect if anything in in front of it. I used the start location of the trace to be the grenade and the end point to be the “location” or “Impact Point”, neither produced a line trace. Then I did “normal” and “Impact normal” and these did produce a single line trace but went through the wall. I then got world location of the component hit and this did produce a line trace but only produced a “hit” result to walls and the floor.
I have walls set to block line traces but most other things set to overlap, the idea here is things that are able to be hit will get hit even if they are behind and object that can also be hit (so prevent a player using another as a human shield). I tried using a branch for “initial overlap” and if true will go on to create the impulse, but that did not work either.

On a side note, I also cannot figure out how to hit the player using this method either. The actor in the break hit result cannot plug into the add impulse at location. Is adding an impulse even the right way to go about this as an impulse is going to go through a wall possibly?

Does the inpact point give good location? Make a draw debug line with start 1000 above impact point and end 1000 below. If it shows bad location try checking trace complex.

The multispheretrace gives back no impact point.
I managed to get it working with this script though. However I am still unsure how to make the player get blasted back rather than just physics objects. Not shown in the attachment is I changed everything from “hit component” to “hit actor”, this way a s single line trace was drawn to the character, however the player’s actor reference cannot be plugged into the add impulse