Multiselect static mesh actor. Hide/Unhide and change color.

Hello community!
This is my first post here.

I’ve only been learning Unreal Engine for a short time. I want to make a Windows application and I can’t find a way to select multiple objects (in game, no in the editor with ctrl and/or shift)
I need to select several objects (cubes, cones, cylinders…) and while I select with the mouse I want them to change color to know that it has been selected. If I want to deselect an object I have selected, I click on it again and change to default color.
When I have finished the multiple selection (or of a single object) I want to hit a widget menu “apply” and hide all the ones that are not selected.

I don’t know the difficulty level of this. Could someone help me?
Thanks a million.

PS: I will probably ask you more questions later on. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

You can change the color of a mesh by changing the material or a material parameter. And you can hide/show them by setting the “HiddenInGame” flag. If an object has been clicked (selected), save it in an array and change it’s material to the new color. If the user clicks it again (deselect), check if it’s in the array. If yes, remove it from the array and change it’s material back to the default material. When hiding, you may get the difference between all actors and the selected actors array with a set.

not answering the question, I feel the question is more about actors than components

how do you hide actors in the editor os that they dont display in game ???