Multiroom per one UE server

Is it possible to create multi room architecture per one UE server instance? As i know on one UE server can be only one game mode and one map loaded? If i need more rooms then need run more copies of UE server with different ports?

What exactly do you mean by “Multi Room Architecture”?

As i know - one UE dedicated (software) server has only one game mode and one map can be loaded. I can’t run two or more different game modes and maps per one UE dedicadet (software) server.

For example:
On my map only 5 players can play game. I need scaling. I run 6 copies of UE dedicated (software) servers on different ports: 7777, 7778,7779,7780,7781,7782. But it’s will only for 30 players total (6 UE copies * 5 players) per one powerful physic server. Right?

For 300 players i need 10 physical servers?
For 3000 - 100 physical servers?
For 30000 - 1000?

Puh, that really depends on your Game, mate.

You will need to check how much the 5 (30) Players take away from the Server Resources.

If 30 Players fully take 100% of the Server Resource, then you can calculate like that.
But if the one of the UE4 Servers, with 5 Players, is little till no where stressed and the 30 Players in total
don’t even scratch the Physical Server, then you can probably place even more instances on one physical server.

So we can’t really tell you how many servers you need. You will need to check how many instances, fully playing with 5 Players each
would run on one phys server.

Thanks for the answer. Im undrestand about 30 or 100 player per one physic server depended from how much take one game form server resources. So, finally im right about one UE instance (software) = 1 unique room (one map + game mode + session)?

Yeah, one Dedicated/ListenServer can only have one Map. So if you want your Players to be on two different Levels, you need an additional Server and a Database in the background that manages
the Servers etc.

Thanks again =)