Multiplying loop help.

Hello, I’m trying to do an intiger multiplying loop and i can get my script to display the numbers, but it’s not multiplicating after the first one it simply displays the last number. Where’s my script wrong? Imgur: The magic of the Internet

@Mushikrat We need to be able to see the whole ( relevant ) part of the code. Also, just post it here, it’s too small on imgur…

Is that a *Delay *node inside of a *For *loop - that’d be the reason for the above. Apart from that, it’s impossible to tell what’s going on with just a snippet of the script.

@ClockworkOcean @Everynone That is the whole script. The rest is just … I guess I didnt show it starts from BeginPlay. my bad

What you’re doing is not a loop. Never connect execution back to itself - this will never work. If you want something to happen repeatedly every X seconds, use an Event Timer. As demonstrated here:

Got it, thanks! :slight_smile: