Multiply All Assets by 2

I can’t seem to find any information about this on the forums or documentation. I recently was asked if it was possible, if I had a small 10x10 scene with materials and foliage and other assets all inside, would it be possible to create a blueprint or something that made a button that every time you press it, it multiples the scene by two? And just continues doing that every time you press the button.

Is this possible?

Any help is appreciated

Try to grab each object in scene alternately and multiply its scale by 2.

What does ‘multiplies the scene by two’ mean?

So essentially the idea is that you have a small scale scene with materials, and assets like trees, rocks, plants and GI lighting and so on. Then have a button that replicates all these objects every time you press the button. So not like scaling things up by 2 or anything like that but physically replicating the objects every time you press this button. This is basically a test on our hardware to see how much our system can take.

Aha, you want to duplicate objects.

Best way I can think of is to have the scene generated in code / blueprint in the first place; then it’s pretty easy since you’re handling the coordinates of everything manually.