Multiples questions about Unreal Engine 4 from a beginner

Hey guys !

I have severals questions about Unreal Engine 4, i’v been reading documentation about it, but there is still few things i can’t find by myself.

First of all, my major problem is : How to create menues ? And i’m not talking about a poor things with a healthbar and mana bar on the left top corner of the screen, as i’v OFTEN found on tutorials. Whenever i ask google about “create menu unreal engine 4”, i end up with people showing up how to create HUD. Which is very interesting, but i’v never seen a game without a “New game / Load / Quit” menu,

I wish to create many menues, first one is the logging screen, where the user will give his name and password to authentify him.
Second screen is, a global menu, where you can either start a game, load a game, or fight someone online.
AND THEN, you get into the party, where i’ll eventually need a HUD.
How do i proceed to create thoses kind of menues ?

Second is, i’v try to import models from blender, just to give it a try. It always ended up all black in unreal engine, even if the original one had lights, i’v also tried to use lights from unreal engine … I obviously do something wrong, and i couldn’t find correct documentation about how to import from blender, to put it on Unreal Engine.
What i want to do, is importing a mesh, which also have his own animation pattern. So i probably need to import a whole package with meshes, bones, and animation.

My third problem is more a tons of questions about Unreal Engine, and i’m pretty sure the incoming answer will be “YES THIS IS AMAZING” but, since i’m posting on the forum, i should ask.
Is that really easy to manage multiplayer ? I’m not planning on building a MMORPG, but more like a 1 vs 1 like a card game.
What about everything’s around the game itself, authentification, launcher, update, buy-in-game, will i find it quite easy when i’ll come to this point ? For your information, i’m kinda confident about my C++ skills and i know enough about networking.

I really hope you guys understood me, as you may see, my english isn’t flawless.

Please, give me answer or redirect me to documentation about it, i’m really curious to know more about this amazing tool !
Thanks you guys !


You should watch this tutorial serie (blueprint multiplayer):

It will show you how to make menus and how to manage multiplayer.


You should always avoid dealing with passwords and let other services handle that like Steam. It is a minefield to handle other peoples credentials unless if you are a security expert.

Multiplayer is a complex subject but Unreal has made it relatively easy to replicate variables and functions so getting things to work even in Blueprints is not that difficult. Making a turn based card game should be relatively simple. It can however quickly become difficult when you want players to react to each other in real-time.
Handling of in-game purchases I have no experience with but again it should be handled through a service like Steam so you keep your hands off the transactions.

Thanks for your answer.

I’ll watch the video serie.

And GarnerP57, i’m interested to put my incoming game on Steam. But how am i suppose to proceed ? It would mean that i interact with their server. It seems to make it even more complex.

I thought to deal with password i only had to crypt it with hash function that already exist.

EDIT : it seems like, since i’m using Unreal Engine 4.17, it already have steamwork sdk. Where could i find documentation about how to use steam on U.E. ?

Google and youtube are your best friends.