Multiple worlds that do not interact

I am trying to find a way to have multiple disjoint worlds in my game. By that, I mean that I want multiple scenes that cannot interact by physics and cannot render objects from other scenes.

A conceptual example of this is Minecraft. There is the overworld, and the Nether. A player cannot be in both at the same time, and the game only renders one scene at a time, but the server still processes both (as long as at least one player is in each world).

I would still want these worlds to be able to interact through blueprints in some capacity.

The obvious solution is to just put the worlds REALLY far away, but then this causes floating point precision problems. Like for example, the default sky sphere is 3.3 million units in diameter, so for another world to not interfere, I could just put the world 3.3 million units away and then nothing should interact. But since another world would be so far from the world origin, this causes problems with directional lights and shadows (I tried this strategy and the lighting was very broken).

Since this is done in the editor with PIE for example, this should be possible with the engine, but I’m not really sure where to begin with that, so if anyone can give me some tips on where to start I would highly appreciate that!