Multiple Worlds in Single Server ?

First, i ask for understanding on my poor English.

My Question is, if there is different several AGameMode In Same Game, how to manage them?

For example, in Open World MMORPG, there are AGameMode for Open World Field and AGameMode for GuildWars World.

If One Player in Open World Field Move into GuildWars World, that Player have to get different world( different GameMode ) but other Players are still in Open World Field.

So my server need to maintain not only Open World but also GuildWars world.

Because I Know that one World can have one GameMode, so i think that i have to manage multple worlds.

Can i have multiple worlds in my server? or i have to Individual server for one world?

If my words are rude, I apologize in advance.

This cannot be done with stock engine I’m afraid. By design the engine supports having one persistent world per instance of the game, with one gamemode for all players in the Server. Players cannot be part of two different servers at once and you can’t have sub-worlds (aside from streaming levels) in that Server.

MMO-style servers typically require their own custom server architectures for things like this.