Multiple widget calling in blueprints?

So I made a blueprint in which the class widget shows up on the screen when the spacebar is hit. But, the thing I’d like to do since I have Mutliple text widgets, is to call the second widget on the second time the spacebar is pressed. So far, I can only call all three widgets on the first time the spacebar is hit. Any ideas?

From your question what i think ure trying to do it use the same input “spacebar” and every time u fire it off u want a new widget to appear from ure 3 choices…

I would have the spacebar set an index value on every press, u can use a modulo(%) operation to make a wrapper from 0-2, after 2 it will go back to 0. Then make a switch on int node , and drive the logic based on the incoming input value.

I actually figured it out. I used a gate node.