Multiple Weapon attachments

Has anyone found a way to allow a weapon to take multiple attachments and/or attachments and ammo types?

It seems that the weapons have 1 slot for an attachment OR an ammo type. I am fairly new to the ADK and I am not entirely sure where to begin looking to tinker with this. My thoughts were that some of the more experienced users here may have already headed down this path.

Best I can gather new to this modding stuff… but from what I can tell you have to make a new gun per attachment (this is why you can have only 1) and the attachments use option to drag on object or something for the gun itself so if you don’t wanna mess with core files you have to dupe those also, then you have to dupe the weapon mesh and the weapon file (this contains what type of “ammo” the weapon uses)

Correct Davetiger,

I have done all that the issue arrises when I have a gun that takes multiple ammo types and you say try to put a scope on it. When you put the scope on the rifle it will only apply the scope for that rifles default ammo not any of the other types. I asked about multiple attachments per weapon because it seems like ammo types and attachments occupy the same drag on slot per weapon.

as for now i think the weapons only have 1 mesh(attachment) drag slot i only think is posible to do that by making a mesh that contains all of the attachment

So I have been coming over the oneshotrifle meshes looking for references to attachment slots the only things i have found is a muzzle-flash socket unless I am over looking something. Does any one have any more information that could point me closer to my goal? I may just be looking in the wrong places =/


Did you find a fix?
To get around this I have made two scopes, 1 scope for normal ammo type and 1 another scope for tranq but it would be really nice just to have 1 scope

Oh and on the tranq scope, i set ammo item class to tranq dart so it automatically picks the tranq

One more thing I can get the normal bullet and tranq to work together only if I make the attachment (scope) Permanent

I’d look into the scope bp and see if there is an option of what ammo it works with. More than likely it’s set somewhere in the primalitem. If so, make a copy of it and add your supported ammo types.

Ok cheers, i’ll have another try with that then.

In the ammo or attachment look for “Support Drag Onto Item Classes” & “Ammo Support Drag Onto Weapon Item Weapon Templates”
Look at the tranq arrow for an idea of whats going on there. Basically it changes the weaponbp depending on item type.


Here is another example


I don’t think there is a way to stack the attachments but what you could do is put the weapbp WITH the attachment as the “Ammo Support Drag Onto Weapon Item Weapon Templates”
For example on the tranq dart, if you replaced “WeapOneShotRifleTranq” with “WeapOneShotRilfeScoped”, you’d have a scoped one shot rifle that shoots darts. Only thing with that is that you would NOT see the dart being loaded into the gun. However, you could get around by replacing the bullet mesh with the dart mesh on the scoped version.

Oh now I understand what I have been doing wrong, I only have one primalitem_weapon_mymod with two types of ammo, so I would need primalitem_weapontranq_mymod as well.


I recently picked up my mod again and it looks like i started doing what you are saying here P0k3r and ended up just making my rifle silenced and scoped from the start and building the costs of those attachments right into the materials cost of my rifle lol. Glad to see my question was at least helpful to some one else