Multiple video tutorials to create a 2.5D Platformer-like game (a new video every few days)

I don’t consider myself an expert in UE4. But in the last few months, I’ve learned a lot and I’m learning something new everyday.
I wanted to make a game like the Mega Man X games, but didn’t found any tutorial. So I decided to do the mechanics with blueprints by myself (as best I could) and shared them as youtube videos. I got far more positive feedback than expected. And I got a lot of requests too.

I took a pause and now I’m back willing to upload a tutorial about something in UE4 everyday.

Here are some video examples:
Mega Man X Mechanics…WQvFwkgiPWXc4S

Making a platform where you can jump on it from below

Using Flipflop and Timelines to change the Camera distance when pressing a key

How to create a Post Process Material with Custom Depth to see Silhouettes from certain meshes/characters through other meshes (Walls, etc.)

(yeah… I’m not sure how to name this title…)

Creating an enemy, dealing and receiving damage, will extent this playlist to HUD, AI and maybe more…PaV40VeI3UU_Yi

By the way, all these tutorials are written (you may pause them whenever you want) and english is my third language.

I hope these tutorials are useful in some way!