Multiple Uworlds

Multiple Uworlds has been an experimental Topic around version 4.11, but ever since development has stopped into this direction as far as i can tell from the Patch Notes ever since.

There have been multiple attempts to get this back into the spotlight, this one been the latest from what it seems (How to create and manage a UWorld? - Multiplayer & Networking - Unreal Engine Forums) and UNAMedia has tried getting this network replicated, without success due to engine limitations.

Now some may ask why even have multiple Uworlds… i can’t talk for everyone, but many developers have their many reasons.
Some want to enlarge their maps

  • new Uworld provide new World origins
  • having Multiple Uworld can provide Seamless Travel

Others want to stream data

  • eg. streaming game sessions from within a lobby without having to enter the game itself

And in my case…

  • Seamlessly Traveling to other maps via Portal
  • the Portal can Render what’s on the other side
  • and the map can have its own Sunsky system, without interfering with the already existing one (short demo of what if more or less could look like Screen capture - 088cc64df066d0ed5e91aa4e50df54d6 - Gyazo )

This feature combined with network replication and world composition (which support nanite (which supports lumen)) can potentially make world creating for developers in the future limitless.

its also important to know that its more of a “preload” (a reference point should be important, to prevent pre loading everything)

I hope we can get this topic back into the forground and maybe already see some progress in a more stable UE5 version.

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it appears that larger worlds will be less of a problem due to Large World Coordinates based on 64bit floating point precision. but still thats not the point.

were still talking about

  • larger Space Games
  • interstellar travel
  • portals to different levels with different skysystems
  • seamless travel to maps with totaly different physics
  • having “insight” in to other maps without actually enterying them

and these are just the posibilitys that i can come up with from the top of my hat.

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Time-Travel oriented games could benefit from multiple worlds too. Where players are subtly changing certain aspects of historical worlds and seeing those changes play out (versus opposing teams who are trying to prevent any changes). Think classic Time-Travel sci-fi movies. When devs talk about Time-Travel games, they often just mean having multiple level designs set in different eras of history. But if we had fully functioning multiple worlds, players could actually make changes and see the impacts on surrounding parallel worlds. For that flawless multiple copies of worlds would be needed. :wink:

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one thing i do fear thou would be the ressources needed having nanite and lumen in mind.

It depends what you’re planning to use them for. Creating multiple worlds is fairly easy as long as you are comfortable making tiny engine changes, the editor also does that for PIE all the time. A while back I used a parallel world to have a preview widget with a different lighting environment for an in game avatar editor:

Physics, rendering, streaming levels, interaction, etc, all works just fine in separate worlds. You could look at UMG UViewport widget for a somewhat half finished proof of concept implementation.

What you can’t do though, is use these for optimizing dedicated servers and the like. Since general gameplay logic in unreal is not thread safe, you will have to tick all worlds in a row on a single thread.

Is there something specific you are having trouble with?

Nod to the example above. It’d be useful for space-based multiplayer large-world / multiverse / time-travel games, where players / teams can be in the same instance, or split-up in parallel universes - fighting it out at the same time. There is a multi-world plugin, but only the main world replicates not sub-worlds. So not sure its that useful atm. :wink:

Hi! Writing here because @AntiGravity kindly informed us of this thread as we’re the authors of the MultiWorld plugin, that does exactly what you’re discussing here: manage multiple UWorld instances in-game.

The plugin supports a number of listed nice-to-have features, like Level Streaming and World Composition. At the moment, for technical reasons, the most requested missing feature is network replication of Secondary Worlds (they’ve access to networking features only through objects in the Main World).

The upcoming new version of the MultiWorld plugin adds support for capturing scenes from Secondary Worlds, this will make possible to create Portals between distinct UWorld instances (to be completely transparent: we’re not providing a Portal system with the plugin :slight_smile: ).


Hi @UNAmedia, ive mentioned your plugin at the top and we’ve already talked via E-mail.
Network replication of Secondary Worlds is the bottleneck here, thou i could use the plugin for non network replicated testing of some things, but sadly thats as far as it gets.
which is the reason im trying to put @EpicGames attention on this matter in the hopes of maybe getting some support on this.

Is there something specific you are having trouble with?

Let me try to visualise this in order to point out the issues im having:
Let’s say you have three fairly large Planets. One is Earth, one is in another galaxy and anotherone isn’t even in this universe. so you can imagine getting there by bus isnt going to work, i’m going to need portals. but here’s the thing…
Every Planet has its own lighting system, starting with it’s own #SunSky.
But we all know you cant have more than one #DirectionalLight as they interfere if both are visible and they are infinte in range.
A core feature would be to look throu this Portal and see the other #SunSky (without it impacting the planet you are standing on)
Another Problem im hitting is #WorldMax… and network replication as the server stops replicating actors and movements beyond a certain point
even with the new 64bit floating-point-precision things can still get messy if you are having a couple of planets more.
so going thout the portal will simply cause the actor not to spawn in the first place… which is rather confusing for actor2 seeing what’s… well NOT going on.

The solution for all of this drama and headbumping into trying to figure workarounds which simply dont add up even remotly is…

you guessed it… Multiple UWorlds (network replicated edition ofc. ^^)

it is also the only solution currently known to make all that possible so im kinda f *** ed :confused: