Multiple tutorials released + tutorial requests

Short background:
I have on my free time, on and off, learned UE4 for years. I finally came to the conclusion that I could use that knowledge to educate and share that knowledge. Some of the tutorials from where I learned in the beginning often taught bad habits and shortcuts, mistakes that I hope I do better in my tutorials. I hope to not only show how to do a specific thing, but to explain why and how things work, so that whoever watches hopefully walks away feeling better informed.

Tutorials so far:
I have only been making tutorials for a little over two weeks. But I am enjoying it, and I hope people find them educational.
They are generally beginner level. However the most recent I did, “create your first game”, ended up being a bit more advanced than I had planned by the end.

About requests:
I know that most probably want to see tutorials on intermediate or advanced levels. I can not promise to be able to do all things, since I have stronger skills in some areas compared to others. However, I will do what I can.
I will however also continue doing some beginner tutorials, because I want to be able to provide a foundation for those that are starting out as well.

My channel:

Thanks for listening, now I am all ears.

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