Multiple triggers to activate event?


I am very new with Unreal. I am trying to create a game where a player steps on 8 tiles of the same color and that activates for certain elements in the game like trees to destroy themselves and then spawn as a new object. I cannot figure out how to get the destroy/spawn to occur after all 8 tiles have been stepped on? I have been able to get it to work with individual tiles. I was trying to follow along with this but it did not work out Activate Triggers - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums . Thanks

Make a ‘tile controller’ actor. Every time a tile is activated, you send a message to the controller, and it can keep count. When the count reaches 8, then do your thing…

@ClockworkOcean I am trying to find a tutorial to do that and can’t find anything, what exactly would i look up?

This is in the tile:


and this is in the tile manager:


You put the tiles, and one manager, in the level. That’s it :slight_smile: