Multiple teleporters with one way direction

Hi guys,I am trying to create 5 teleporters linked with one in the center of my lvl. To help you more, my lvl is split into 5 areas.Because each area is long,at the end I want to put a teleporter returning the player in the center. Instead of having many triggers, I want to have 5 triggers connected with the sixth which will be in the center. What I have done now is to have 5 BP which means 10 triggers. Is any other way?


very new also , if you get the free action platform template , there are teleporters in it. I use them in one of my levels. or you could at least see how it is done from the bp’s. though to me it looks like there must be public variables so in each teleport you set on the level you can set whatever teleport you want to go to.