Multiple suns

How can i create more then one sun as a lightsource ?

Simply add a new directional light, with a different rotation.
Now adding an actual new sun is a bit harder. Currently I do not have access to a computer that has UE4, so you’ll have to wait for that tutorial if you need it haha

If it’s not supposed to be moving then you can just place two spheres with emissive material applied to them.

You can do this in the material by duplicating the current sun calculations and adding them together, here’s an example:

You will also need to duplicate the sun direction graph in your blueprint so that the Direction, Color, Radius, and Brightness variables are set appropriately (the Sun2xxx material variables).

Hope that helps!

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how did you get negative values in that node? is that a vector param?

Just type the numbers in.

i tried that. but it would go back to 0 after I hit Enter