Multiple Static Meshes referenced by a single .UASSET cannot be saved or reimported


I’m trying to fix / optimize assets in a project I’ve recently joined, but I’m experiencing weird reference problems.

I’ve got 8 Static Meshes that seems to be packed into a single .UASSET file. Whenever I try to change one, other 7 get automatically changed too.

(I used generic names so it’s easier to see what’s going on)

  • SM_Asset_01
  • SM_Asset_02
  • SM_Asset_03
  • SM_Asset_08

but each Static Mesh is saved by the Editor into a single SM_Assets.UASSET. The source path of those meshes is the same: “Assets.FBX”. It looks like someone imported all meshes from a single FBX file.

I exported all meshes into separate FBX files, removed source path and reimported. I got “Successfully reimported” message. However, it doesn’t work. I did a little test, and change geometry of one object, and tried reimporting again. It reimported with no errors, but there is no difference.

I imported all FBX separately and ended up with duplicates (which shouldn’t be possible in the Content Browser)

Now I cannot use “Replace References” option to merge 2 assets into one as others got affected too. There is no way I can update Static Mesh by reimporting it again. Fix up redirectors doesn’t help either. Those Static Meshes are used in 30+ levels and all need to be resaved when it’s done (saving all levels takes >20min).

Is there any other way I can “extract” all assets from a single UASSET file so there not connected to eachother?

Here are some screenshots that may be helpful:

  • Content Browser

  • Reference Viewer

  • Saving Error


  • Explorer View

I’d be very thankful for any help,