Multiple Spin Boxes, Singular Spin Boxes, or Switch Between Widgets?

I tried figuring out how to rig up spin boxes to be just one and universally accepted for each bone, but I couldn’t the other method is duplicating that one thing over and over and using it however that will get cluttered very fast no matter how many event graphs collapsing nodes, etc I do. I was thinking of having it switch between widgets as well and it seems valid however I am unsure. The other idea was to have spin boxes come out from the bones with xyz menu but I learned that does not work out how I planned any ideas? Because this stacking the same widget feels off however it is the best method so far (creates a great modular method which is easier to read minus a few areas). The universal singular spin box method kept being glitchy with me (I never could quite figure out why either). Is there a better method? I know there are some unique things out there that I always forget about so maybe there is something here I am missing.

(I am going to have to use widget switch later on when it comes to other menus anyways so that may be a valid option.)

(edit: one major issue is the ever-expanding list of hiding this many things when this is selected but show this thing when this is selected etc.)