Multiple spawn point between levels


Since english is not my native langage, I’ve make a wonderful scheme for explain my words.


So, here you go, I’ll try to be as clear as possible.

So, what I want is basically a Pokemon/Zelda/whatevrpg… Spawn system.

On the level/map 1 (On the left) we have 4 structures. Behind them, one dot, which represent the triggerbox of the location of a door. When the player overlap this triggerbox, he is teleported inside the associated structure.

For example : If you overlap the upleft triggerbox (Green Dot) on the Level/Map1 you’re teleported to the green dot on the Level/map 2.

On the Level/map 2, all the inside are on the same level. For loading purpose… But you can’t see them all, only the one you’re into.
On the level/map 1, it’s a unique map where all the structures are into and you are free to navigate into. Each time you hit a triggerbox, you’re teleported to the inside of the structure associated.

So, there’s my blueprints :

I have two maps/levels : Extérieur (Exterior) the first map (Left) and Try_tp the second map (Right)


So, I have 4 blueprints, 1 for each triggerbox and 1 for each target point who are there to be used as SpawnPoint for my character.

(For this example, I’m trying to make this work for ONE structure at the moment. So I’m focusing the Green Dot for example…)

So I have the trigger box Exterior to TryTp (Level 1 to Level 2), and a Target Point for the localisation of the spawn in the level 2 map. And I have a trigger box Tryp tp to Exterior and a Target Point for the localisation of the spawn in the level 1 map. (Go and back…)

Plus, I have set my Level Blueprint

My problem is… I can’t create a reference to the TargetPoint of the Map 2 inside the level 1 blueprint…

The only thing I can do is Cast and I’ve no idea how to configure this.

And there is my Triggerbox bluneprint. They work pretty well, but my character spawn at the “PlayerStart” Location and I can’t find a way to make it spawn at the target point location.

I’m a beginner at UE4 and trying to improve by myself, but I find it pretty hard since I have no experience whatsoever in programmation. So, i’m now calling for some help.

If someone have a solution, but after lots of research it seems it’s pretty hard to teleport the player without using “Open Level” straight forward…

Did I do it properly ? Or maybe go to level streaming instead of doing that ? I don’t know.

But, eh, we never know.

Many thanks by advance.

Still want to figure how to make this work.

This system is used in many games, like diablo 3 for example. When you go in the tavern in new tristram. You’re basically teleported in another “room”, another level, disconnected from the rest of the game. You click on the doorway, little loading time, and here it is, you’re in. Then you can go back the same way. And you don’t spawn at the waypoint or on the middle of the town, but at the door.

Won’t post new pics of my blueprints cause they’ve changed a lot since I’m trying to make it works on the same level. (Point A to Point B, point B to point A ect…) Not simple with Class blueprint since you can’t call a TargetPoint. For some reason.

If someone know how to do this, I’m still interested. Can’t find tutorial, they’re most focused on level steaming…