Multiple Skylights or change skylight settings in post processes

I’ve been smashing my head against the wall trying to figure everything out, and I realized… it’s impossible.
Basically, I have several different sublevels. Some are just different landscapes/biomes (desert, etc) and other are interiors, like houses and caves.
And that’s all find and dandy, thanks to level streaming!
Except skylights.

Every level (not sublevel, level!) can only have 1 skylight. That means one skylight shared between caves, housing, deserts, snow mountains, etc!
Aight, so obviously you can cheat and just have a post proccess and change the ambient cubemap/intensity, but that doesn’t work when you want dark areas in bright maps…

So here is my suggestion. Well, there are two possibilities.

  1. Allow multiple skylights per level, just don’t allow multiple skylights to be visible at a time. Even better, make it so each skylight has priority and whatever one is lower just disable/not use it temporary.
  2. Allow post process volumes to control all them skylight controls! Intensity, Indirect, everything!!

Thanks for reading, please post any critique or ideas below!

I have encountered that problem when building lighting. What worked for me was opening each sub level seperately and building lighting.