Multiple Skeletal Meshes, Same Skeleton, Different Physics Assets

Sorry about the long explanation, I have not seen this question asked before. If I have two skeletal meshes with the same skeleton, can I assign a different physics asset to each?

I have been using a set of skeletal meshes for my AI and I have tweaked the physics asset of that skeleton to be perfect for both physics simulations and uv wounds. I recently imported another set of skeletal meshes to use alongside the originals and I decided to use the same skeleton as the new set has identical armature and very similar geometry. Using retargeting seems like an unnecessary use of time to me as there are many sockets I would need to replicate along with the animclasses and all of the montages used by the AI apart from those in the rest of my library. The problem is simulating physics on the new set. The physics asset from the original set doesn’t translate well and while it isn’t terrible looking, it is inconsistent with the way the original set responds. So if possible, I would like to assign a different physics asset to the new set of meshes, without using a different skeleton and retargeting.

Hello! You can try to use Physics Asset Override.

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