Multiple Skeletal Meshes Combinaison

Hi all!

I’m currently tasked with implementing a customizable character. I have multiple parts such has the legs, the arms, the torso and the head, which are the four different parts of our model. For each of those parts, we want the player to be able to choose among the five given options (for each part). In other words, a player could be having the legs of the body A, arms of the body B, torso of the body C and head of the body D.

I have read multiple articles saying that I could just combine the meshes to the actor inside of Persona. Please keep in mind that we’re currently in the requirement phase, which basically means that we’re trying to set a proper Gantt Chart and timetable for each part and we still don’t have any implementation. Following that, here’s my questions :

  1. Can we have an empty actor with a skeleton in which we associate all the different meshes?
  2. Do we have to associate all the different meshes and then enable the ones that the player has selected? Would this implementation be efficient?
  3. Do you have any solution to our current requirement?

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: