Multiple server-side UWorlds

Still in the process of understanding UE framework and would appreciate a little guidance on the subject!

Game I am working on ultimately involves the server managing several different independent worlds. Player only sees one world at a time and cannot interact with other worlds. Player can travel to other worlds, for example, through a gate (i.e. short loading screen).

What I am trying to understand is how best to approach this problem in terms of UE, so far I got to this point :

Server-side run several threads/processes with individual UWorlds and use either travel or seamless travel to transition the player between worlds
Player loads the new UWorld as a new map, even though he really doesn’t transition from the currently running game.

Would such set up work in UE? How much engine modification would it require?

There were several threads regarding multiple UWorlds already (as far as I have searched), but from what I understood, they were concerned with UEditor rather than multiplayer.

Thanks for any help!

Was wondering about the same thing. I don’t think it’s possible. Best solution I have found was to host multiple instances of a server and travel via IP and port

One World can have only one persitent level and multiple streaming levels, but all of them exist in single world and for sake of simplicity csn be treated as one huge level.
What are you asking is not possibke within single server instance, as it would require running multiple worlds within the same game (though its doable in editor afaik). You can eother rewrite how world behave in game or just run multiple server instances and transition between them.

Thanks for the replies! I will be attempting to use the multiple server option. Will need to figure out a way to minimise loading times and connection times though - but does look like a promising/easy way to solve the issue!