Multiple scene components within an actor (+10.000)

Hello guys!

I want to have an Actor that holds more than 10.000 “dummy” components which are “organizational”. Each of these components are aimed to have a shape just as a visual representation of it in the Editor and properties such as location and transform. Based on forums and documentation, I found that the equivalent to a dummy object in UE4 would be the USceneComponent. However, after checking deeper, I read that it is not recommended to use the USceneComponent as an organizational elements; explicitly it states:

Despite of this, I felt stubborn-ish and created my own actor class (MyActorClass) with +10.000 scene components. The performance of the Editor (as expected) was hit once I tried to add the actor of type MyActorClass to the scene. I wonder:

  • Is there any type of UActorComponent that is “more light” so the actor can stand having such amount of components?
  • If not, is it possible to follow a different approach with these scene component so that I can support a lot of them?
  • Or am I even following the right approach, considering I want to have an Actor that when modified, it modifies it’s multiple children (+10.000)


Any help will be very much appreciated :slight_smile: