Multiple Scene Components do not work in 4.9


I would like to report that if you add more than one scene component in a blueprint then newly created scene components become some sort of a child of first one and share all attributes from it like scale/rotation/position(x,y,z) .
Other times you cannot even choose them and in general there is something really wrong with way they behave.

Thank you.

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Hey ,

Which build are you using, exactly? I tested project you supplied in our latest Main from today (which is going to be 4.10, I believe), and couldn’t reproduce any odd behavior with Scene components. To test, I clicked the +Add Component button and chose “Scene”. It created a Scene component with it’s Location and Rotation zeroed and it’s Scale at 1, as a child of root component (which is expected). Are you seeing something different, or following a different method?

Hello ,

You need to add at least 2 (or more) scene components in order to repo this. With only one it works just fine.I am using a weeks old 4.9 from git hub.

I just downloaded 4.9 preview 1 and it seems to be fixed!. I opened same project and everything regarding that matter work as intended.

All good!


Good to hear. Thanks !