Multiple Rotations On Mesh?/Snap Relative Rotation?

I have a blueprint that sets the relative rotation of the mesh on an rLerp what I’d like to do is have this mesh rotate multiple times past 360, when I do this currently the rotations freak out since they seem to go from -360, 0 , 360.

The reason for this is because I have animations for a game where the character does tricks in the air and some tricks end up facing the opposite direction and the character enters a reverse stance they can then skate/move with until they do another trick etc.

The problem is some tricks call for multiple rotations 540, 720 etc so I’d like to know how I can rotate multiple times without the rotations looking buggy.

Another solution I had was to animate the rotation and then have a anim notify to snap to the desired relative rotation essentially giving the illusion through the animation. Once the notify is triggered though the rotation is very apparent as it quickly rotates from its original rotation to the desired. I’d like to know if I can just snap to the relative rotation.

This could very well be because of the animation though but I’m not sure.

Thank you any help would be appreciated!

Have a look at this post, the timeline is rotating the cube in relative space multiple times:


This is along the lines of what I want. One of the problems though is when lerping I use the meshes relative rotation as A so if I were to lerp to -360 etc it would freak out like before is there a way to solve that?

Also is there a way to specify the amount of rotations?

The example is also using relative rotation.

Also is there a way to specify the
amount of rotations?

Look at the Lerp (rotator), the one with the one flip comment - it currently reads 360 - one flip, it should work with multiples of that just fine.

Since it was an example about using a timeline rather than lerping rotations, it is quite basic and does not currently account for non-360 rotations, but that can be added easily. Doing 540 is doable but the timeline will restart from 0 next time it executes; you’d need to store (modulo) final rotation before setting it as current rotation for the timeline.

I meant that I’m getting the meshes relative rotation variable and plugging that into “A” on the lerp rotator and this is what causes the rotation to freak out.

I’ll see what I can do with what you told me so far thanks.

Show a screenshot in case you can’t get it to behave. Are you using a timeline for this or?

For the timelines it’s much better to prepare the data ahead of time. Create a rotator variable and Set it to the mesh’s relative rotation before firing timeline’s Play From Start. And use that variable as A.

Otherwise, you’re end up with inconsistent interpolation as the A value the alpha is sampling is constantly changing.

Thank you! setting the variable before worked, I appreciate the help.