Multiple Rotation types per single object Axis'? [Help?]

Is there any way i can set multiple Rotation types per a single objects,Multiple Axis?

Im in a bit of a situation where i need to set an actors Rotation but in a very spesific way.

I have to set its World Rotation on the Yaw axis BUT i have to set its Relative rotation on the Pitch axis. Is there any way i can go about doing this? Every time i try this,the setRelativeRotation node seems to take priority over the setWorldRotation Node that i have going on in another function.

Any Ideas? And to clarify im setting these rotations in Functions. So i have setWorldRotation in one function for the Yaw Axis. And i have setRelativeRotation in another function. And yes i know i can use addRelativeRotation to the pitch BUT i currently am unable to do so because it wont have the same result.

For those of you wondering what im trying to do; I’ve pretty much made a Physgun. I can pick up objects and rotate them while holding down E and Snap their angles while rotating them While holding down left Shift+E. I use my Mouse’ X and Y values to rotate them. But that only gets the mouse acceleration. So to make things better i made a simple node setup which pretty much accumulates a Variable instead of simply going from 0 to 1 or 2 due to the mouse acceleration/velocity. Im using that accumulated number to rotate the object using setWorldRotation and setRelativeRotation. Although more specifically i’m using those variables to rotate a child object(a collision box whose parent is the first person camera) and that rotates the actual object(hitComponent). Though because im doing it like that,i can only achieve a desirable result if i rotate the objects Yaw rotation in World Space,And rotate the objects Pitch rotation in RELATIVE SPACE. Not Local,Not world,But relative to the Camera. That works just fine for normal rotation. But when it comes to the snapping functionality,it just doesn’t work because how it rotates is it pretty much gets the World Rotation(for yaw) and the Relative Rotation(for pitch) and simply adds on the mouse X or Y axis input. BUT when i hold down SHIFT when holding down E it snaps to the nearest angle(set by Snap to Grid(float)) and well you can see it wont rotate because the angle will always read the same since its pretty much stuck/frozen like that.