Multiple Rotating Movement Components?

Hi, I have a door that I want to swing open when you approach and swing close when you leave its trigger volume. Here is a screenshot of what I attempted. It works randomly one out of a dozen times or so but most often it just fires on all paths in the blueprint and the door swings to -90 yaw and stays there. Not sure why. The starting world rotation in the level is (0,0,0) by the way.

Also, as a footnote, would I be able to do this with one rotator? That’s what I originally tried to do, by just turning it on and setting the rotation rate to a negative value. But when it wouldn’t work, I added another rotator. Still didn’t fix anything but that’s where I am now.

Double-footnote: If I want to also rotate the doorhandle which is a separate mesh in the blueprint, would I be able to do that with a Rotating Movement Component or is that something I have to do the old-fashioned way with a timeline?