"Multiple roots are found in the bone hierarchy"

So I don’t know much at all about rigging and importing your own working character in UE4, I just thought it would be cool to import a character so I have something else to look at besides the default blue guy. So I downloaded a rigged character and when I go to import it the bar loads up to 75% then fails with the error “Multiple roots are found in the bone hierarchy we only support single root bone”. Is there an easy or quick way to fix something like this without going too in depth with whatever I have to do because I don’t care about it THAT much, just something that would be cool to do.

Here is the character in Blender -

Any help would be much appreciated!

I’m not that familiar with Blender, but try changing the name of the bone “root” to “ORG-root.” I believe it is conflicting with the root bone in the default skeleton. Afterwards you can retarget the skeleton to make him move as your default character.

That means you have more than one Master bone - just parent the bones that dont have a parent to the master and youll be ok.

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ok if you insist on using the rigify rig this video might help you https://youtu.be/5L_LxdRfliY?list=PLXWXR2pLy_hV6UwhLjirhNnelWpOzGWRI


First of all i’ve decided to post here, since i have a very similar problem (i think it’s much better than posting a new thread).
I’m fairly new to UE and game dev as a whole, so i learn as i go (as most of us :3).
I’ve finally finished rigging my character in 3Ds Max and before starting the animation process, decided to give it a try and import into UE4 (just to be sure that it works fine) and encountered this multiple roots issue (screen applied).
I’ve read the UE documentation as well as other threads, trying to solve this problem by myself, but wasn’t successful :C. I’ve connected all the objects without root to a single root, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

I would be very happy if smb more experienced have a look at my project file and point at the exact problem (and perhaps give me a couple of tips to avoid such issue in the future)
(link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/hr48xz (virus free, checked to be sure))

Thank you very much in advance, really hope for your help :3

ok not sure about your multiple roots, but start at the top , delete the hair , then sort out the names of the bones as there’s loads of duplicate names, and i don’t want to spend hours trying to re-name everything

Hi, appreciate your attention and help.
Deleted hair (don’t understand what was the problem with that though. But it’s a minor issue). Cleaned up all the names (planned to do it later after solving multiple root issue, but glad to do it for your convenience. Fortunately there were only couple duplicate names, which i missed before). Rechecked in UE4, only the multiple root issue remains.
Updated file:

just exported via fbx / import to ue4 no issues !!!
on export ticked box Bake Animations

funny even the hair now appears !!

I guess i understand, where i was so stupid.
When i unchecked “Deformations”, skeletal mesh (and the skeleton and physics asset) were imported into UE4.
It was a bit unclear to me in documentation, so just to get this straight.
We’re exporting meshes from 3ds max (or any software whatever) without deformations. But we’re exporting rigs with deformations (and also baking anims at the same time).
Am i correct or i’m missing smth again? :S

Sorry for such an inconveniece, but it’d be nice to understand this topic (considering that there’s still lots to go through :D)

its always a problem when going between different programs as sometime the terms used are different, been doing this so long that i just check ticking/untick the boxes till it works, the thing is that at time Epic updates to the latest fbx version which doesn’t always work the same as with older version so it can be trail and error. best to find settings that work for you and stick to them

I see, thank you a lot for your help!
Have a nice day)

I fixed multiple root by delete the original root (makehuman made it)
and rename the stupid root bone blender makes too root

I wish there were an automatic Unreal feature to rename the root bones … have to use 3DSMAX, because Blender messes up the model on import.

I’m having the same trouble with trying to import my rigs into Blender because they haven’t fixed it the import error that’s in the FBX code.
so we can’t do any animations with these rigs unless Blender imports the bones in right and doesn’t corrupt the bones.

a lot depends on which version of blender your using and what sort of rig, in the recent(ish) videos in my blender list i cover the options we have atm