Multiple projector setup with touch inputs. Is nDisplay the way to go?


I have a project that is being made for a public library that should allow people to interact through touch with the animated projected 2D image.

The setup is 1 PC, 7 projectors, and a touch input surface on the glass that is being projected on. The projection surface is two (straight) glass walls of a large room with a 90 degree angle. For now the technicians have set up the projectors with nvidia mosaic to make the two walls one huge screen with a resolution of 11745 x 1200. Of this, one wall is 5158 x1200 and the other is 6587x1200.

The application that will be used is still open, but the team would like to use Unreal Engine because it is familiar (Last year we made a VR project for a museum with UE4). I have looked into how this incredibly wide resolution could be achieved and so far I only have 2 options in mind but not sure if either will actually work.

A) Make 2 different packages, one for each wall. The reason being that UE4 has a max resolution of 8k, though we have had difficulty getting such a strange resolution of 5158x1200 to show properly. With this we would need to get the borderless windows to open at a specific place on the screen at the desired resolution, this we have not yet achieved. Also we are not sure whether the touch inputs will work well if they are 2 separate packages.

B) Use nDisplay instead of nvidia mosaic to map the 7 projectors so that we only need 1 packaged build.

The nDiplay seems like the way to go, though this is a very very simple setup for it. Everything I find on the net explaining nDisplay is for 3D, VR, or multi PC setups that have 1 or 2 screens/projectors, perspective shifting etc. Most of that is not needed in this project. I figure it’s possible to use nDisplay much more simply for a 1 PC, 7 projector setup without any cameras, perspective shifts or anything of that sort? The PC is a very high spec quadro build and the project is simple 2D animation, so rendering shouldn’t be a problem.

Simply put, my questions are:

  1. Is this setup doable in UE4, and should we continue developing this on UE4?
  2. Does nDisplay work with touch inputs? (The projectors are in Windows Tablet mode so that the touch works)
  3. Should we go down the route of nDisplay or is there a simpler multi screen possibility in UE4?
  4. If nDisplay is the way to go, do we still need to fill out all the config file areas somehow, even though there will be no cameras or perspective shifts or anything.

Thank you very much for any help!