Multiple possible rooms with one door

So, I’m in the process of designing an office space, and I wanna create an eerie environment. I’m thinking of having different parts of the office switch around as the player moves through the level.

My particular question deals with the best way to design a level where a player can travel seamlessly through the changing levels. Like an example, upon a player first opening Door A, it leads to a bathroom, but then shortly after, some event is triggered and the next time Door A is opened, it leads to an office conference room. Almost like the infamous Scooby-Doo chase scenes when they run between all the doors.

How would I switch the rooms, with the same door in the same level? My best thought so far is to somehow try level-streaming (which I don’t know much about), and on the other side of the door load whatever room I need. That seems inefficient to me though. There’s gotta be an easy way to make the room change, depending on what point the door is opened.

You could make the doors work like the portals from the “Portal” games.
You should just need to capture an image of the (next) room using a camera(or something else) that has the same rotation as you do, The you use that texture for where the door is.


As far as I understand the TO, the othr side is not visible when the door is closed.

I would teleport (set world location) of the actor to the other door when the door is opened.
So you actually have two doors. If you teleport his at the same location relative to the door, he shouldnt see a difference…
You can even have them in the same level. Just keep them far enough apart so lighting is not spilling over, or place a “divider” mesh in between…

I made something similar and arranged rooms+content in bp
Room 1, Room 2 Room3…

When you stand first time in front of door your “RoomIndex=0”.
Every interaction with door(opening) adds + 1 to RoomIndex.
What is behind first time you open door is set in stone.
You enter room and door is closing.
Delete first room0, spawn room 2.
Entered room 2, door closed spawn room 3 and so on.
Spawning while door is closed, not opened, worked better for me.
I do not used it for rooms or doors, but for view out of a window.
Two windows and i know, when looking at 1, you look not at 0, then i can swap.
When both windows are not visible with slightly rot(hiding behind corner(door in your case)) it works well.
When you try to use objects out of windowview for ingameorientation it is very confusing.

Oh that sounds nice too.

And its a bit smoother too because nothing needs to be loaded/unloaded.