Multiple Player Starts In a Level

I’m creating a non-linear game that features multiple levels, each with multiple start points. However I won’t be streaming maps, but switching to them using the ‘Open Level’ command. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to specific which ‘Player Start’ to spawn at.

Currently each Player Start can be named by its ‘tag’ option, but the ‘Open Level’ command doesn’t reference this.

The ‘Open Map’ command does have an ‘option’ field, but I don’t know how to get data from there to the new map.

So is it possible to take data from the ‘option’ field in the ‘Open Level’ and pass that onto the new map? Or is there another way to specify which ‘Player Start’ to use?

Otherwise, would anyone else be interested in being able to specify which ‘Player Start’ you begin at via it’s tag when transitioning to a new map for the ‘Open Level’ node? If so, I’ll put a request in the ‘Feedback For Epic’ for section.