Multiple Player Controllers / One Camera?

Hi all,

So, this one is driving me insane.

I’m really struggling with Unreal at the moment because of all of the “things” it creates automatically for me in a level, I seem to then have to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get rid of them or disable them or customise everything I want to work around them. sigh

Anyway, back to the point…

I placed one camera in the spot I wanted it in the level. I run the game, the player controller defaults to looking through that camera. The world is great. Although I note that there are two cameras now in the level, mine and an auto-generated one.

I use a CreatePlayer node to create a second player in my game. I now have 3 cameras in my level. But frustratingly, whilst it is still the first player that is active, the viewport now changes to one of the other cameras, not the one I actually want the game to use.

Can anyone advise as to which settings I need to configure so that only the one camera is used. Do I need to set anything specifically on each of the Player Controllers, or just something more general?

I’d really like to not have these additional objects created in the level really, not sure if that’s possible, but it occurs to me that if I could do that, there would only be one camera and everything would probably “just work”.

Thanks in advance for your time/help :slight_smile:


Just as a follow-up, I’m tryring to use “Set View Target with Blend” - I have a reference to the camera I want and also to the PlayerController. When setting these, its seems almost correct, but for some reason what I want to see is only in the top half of the screen? Kinda appears like half the height and half the width?

Wow…so much time wasted…

Turns out I had split screen enabled, and with the two player controllers in the game, it just did this all by itself… the information here pointed me to a solution: