Multiple Physic Bodies

I am trying to simulate a basic physic operation using multiple physic bodies. Main physic body is a physic simulated simple geometry and it is the root component of the actor. The second physic body is a physic simulated static mesh component(which has a box collider) attached to root component.

I am trying to move the second static mesh using SetRelativeLocation. If I enable physic simulation for the second too, the object doing weird things. If not then the second mesh passes through the colliders. I want it effect the main physic body smoothly.

For this project, main mesh can be imagined as a crane vehicle. The second mesh can be imagined as an hydrolic cylinder which must lift the vehicle when it hits the ground.

For this kind of situation, how I must go on?


I’ve done this in Unity3D by adding a collider and rigidbody to the parent object and collider to child objects. Then I simply move child objects. Here is my screenshots.

How can I achieve this situation in UE4? I am getting this result in UE4:

I’ve updated the question.

Could this be something with the hierarchy of the components? I’ve seen some strange behavior too if i have a static mesh that i want to be affected by a physics object. So unless the physics objects are children of the static mesh (the box), it doesent work… try this out.