Multiple perspectives within a game/project?

So, in a nutshell, my friend and I are attempting to work on a game, which is a Tactical RPG with a top down, turn based perspective, and when your characters enter combat, you take control in the first person and fight off the enemies.

We’re wondering if it’s at all possible to create both scenes within a project, and if so, how?

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Sure is possible, take a look into pawn possession. In theory, you’d have one pawn that would have an overseeing camera (with a long camera arm/camera boom) with strategy camera controls and a second pawn that would be a first-person combat character. When you switch, you simply unpossess one (with your Player Controller) and possess the other. You can even write some AI to control the character on-foot while you control the strategy camera.

Totally possibly. I made such a feature in my own rts project. I basicly switched from third person into third person and vice versa. Because it was a prototype and isn’t developed further for the time being, here is my player controller. Keep in mind that there are many ways to achieve this. This is just my way :).


I hope I could help.

Cheers! Have fun with your project!