Multiple outputs in one function

I’m working with widgets at the moment and I want to create a function for text so that when I hover over a button, the text changes. I’ve coded the text to change when I hover over the button but I want to be able to do multiple of these in one text function. Below is a screenshot of the code for one button, but I want to know how to do multiple. I hope you understand what I am asking.

Attached is a screenshot with 4 potential outcomes within a “binding” function (as I assume yours is a binding function)

Please be aware that binding functions in widgets “Tick” every frame, and should be avoided when possible

Im not sure if this was the answer I wanted unfortunately. Would there be any way to add executables to the “get text 0” node?

something more like this…

you got it Pal! Do yourself a favor - stay away from bindings in widgets…

Thank you very much it works perfect. I was trying to use a sequence binding hence why it didn’t work.