Multiple OSC "streams" in one blueprint?

Hi folks

I’m curious to know if it’s possible to have two (or more) separate OSC “streams” performing different actions inside one blueprint?..For example, imagine i have two faders in my DAW. They’re both “broadcasting” with OSC. I want one fader to do one thing in my BP (say, raise a cube in the Z axis), and the other fader should do something different (say, scale the cube). Is there a way to do that inside one blueprint? So far i can’t work it out. So i mean kinda like having different MIDI channels, but with OSC messages.

Here’s another example in the youtube film below.

You can see that i have the sun’s height controlled by a CV fader. But i also want to control the sun’s lateral movement with different fader. But that also has to be done in the same blueprint.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

OK, so after googling it a bit more i realize what i want isn’t possible, you can’t have parallel execution in a BP.

So i need to use a branch, right?..and use the OSC address to trigger a boolean to make it execute this way or that way in the node tree?!

I tried but i simply can’t work it out (i’m a blueprint noob

Here’s my BP: blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

If anyone could show me how to branch it, i’d be eternally gratefull!

Gonna keep buggin’ you guys haha!

I guess the answer lies somewhere herein?:

Never mind, i worked it out, you guys are useless anyway: