Multiple objects animation to be played at the same time

Hello All,

I made a reseach but i always end up on discussion like “how can my player/skeletalmesh/object play multiple animations”.

My situation is different, i have a certain number of objects animated in 3dsMax and imported in UE4 as skeletal mesh with animation. The engine then create 3 nodes (skeletal mesh, animation sequence, physic asset) for each imported object.
What i do is to manually change the “ANIMATION MODE” to “Use Animation Asset” by doing this then i must assign an animation asset to the skeletal mesh.

By doing that i can see all objects animated when the game start.

How can i do it in a smart way in order to quickly assign to each skeletal mesh it´s own animation sequence(considering that each object will always have 1 animation to be played)?

Maybe there is a different way like using blueprint, i don´t know. What is important to me is to automate the process considering the big amount of animated object to import and that they all play at game start.

Thanks in advance and sorry if a miss this topic in some other threads!

Ok found it!

I simply had to drop on the viewport the animation sequence node rather than the skeletalmesh :slight_smile: