Multiple newbie questions, bugs in object pickup system

Hello! I started working with Blueprints for the first time without any prior coding knowledge about 2 months ago, and tried to build a Valve Engine First Person-style object pickup blueprint (Press a certain key to snap whatever is in front of your crosshair in front of you and have it stay upright) for my project. I’ve been using a [combination]](A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums) [of various]](Unreal Engine 4 - Pick Up objects - YouTube) tutorials to build what I wanted, but I’m running into a few bugs:

Firstly, if the player stands still for at least 1 second and then moves away, the object no longer follows the player’s aim and stays still in the air until picked up again or hit with another physics object or force. I’m aware that this happens because UE’s physics objects go to sleep when not active, and there is a solution in the Unreal Wiki article, but I can’t find the same node in the current version of UE and I’m not sure where I would attach it in my Blueprint.

Secondly, after an object breaks and despawns, the blueprint doesn’t recognize that object as no longer being held, and tries to drop an object in the player’s hands that doesn’t exist before it can pick up another object. I have a Boolean set up for whether or not an object is currently being held but I’m not sure how I would call the reference for the object being broken. The objects are Destructible Meshes.

I’ve attached a stitched screenshot of my blueprint.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at this.