Multiple Montages and AnimeBP Hell!!

Firstly, sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I hope someone can help as I am pulling my hair out over this.

I have set up a punching montage and got it to play no problem.

I have another slot montage called dash which also works no problem.

However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use them both in game.

My issue appears to be a lack of exec input from the CastToMyCharacter node.

I can either connect Dash or Punch and I cannot figure out how to get around this.

It must be possible to have multiple Montages I must be missing something here.

There is this magic node called “Sequence” which should easily solve this problem if I understood it correctly.
Just put it after the cast and then connect each of your set bool actions to it.

“Multiple Montage Support” is supposed to be a new feature in 4.6 iirc, so that could help as well.

Hey, yeah Thanks I just found it and all works great!