Multiple monitors bug with UE 4.14 on Mac

When 2 display - UE 4.14 doesn’t response
When 1 display only - all works fine

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Please provide your Mac’s specs so that we can test on a compatible machine. You can find this in the Apple menu >About This Mac>More Info> Add the information from this window (serial # not necessary). Include the OS.



Macbook Air 13" A1466, Core i7, 8Ram, 512SSD (top)

btw, UE 4.13 works fine with 2 monitors.

I’ve tested this with and had limited response. What OS are you running?

Be advised, starting with UE4.14 Open GL is not supported; You must have a Metal Compatible graphics card and be running Mac OSX 10.11.4 or later.

List of Mac computers that support Metal

10.12 .

intel hd5000 in macbook air A1466 (mid 2013) has support metal layer (checked)

Is UE4.14 Preview not visible on both monitors? or is it not responsive on both monitors? Is it responsive on either? Please describe the problem in more detail.


Interface of UE is not responsive.

I investigated that bug and what i did:

In SystemPreferences>Displays>Arrangment i arranged monitors by vertical (macbook air display on down side and second 27" on top side). And then interface of UE just is unresponsive.

But now i tried to arrange displays like horizontal - macbook air in left side and 27" monitor in right side. And interface of UE responded. Im sure you did like that…

So its a really bug. I can post video for proof if need.




Hi ,

Thanks for clarifying when the issue occurs. I’ve used this information to enter the following bug report: UE-37822. You can track the status of this issue on the following link:

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