Multiple meshes


I create a house and i wondered what is the best to do :

  • Create several mesh to do the wall the windows, etc … with possibly 200 static meshes (Same wall, Sam window)
  • Create this house in another package and import it ?

What is the best for performance but also in term of workflow. Because the first solution has the advantage of having already UVS, since rhe UVs are already made for each part. So i can easily do multiple Houses for example.

Thanks for the answer

For performance I dont know. But creating several meshes(walls, doors, windows, roofs, etc) makes it possible to create multiple houses that look/are different but all share the same meshes.

I would like to know(without hijacking your topic!) what the best method is if I want to create a small town with lots of houses that can be entered.

Also very interested in guidelines for this!!

You would be much better off creating this in blender as opposed to using BSP’s.

BSP’s should only really be used to block out a level. Or for blocking volumes.

Check out blender. Its very easy to use and there are tonnes of tutorials out there.