Multiple meshes in 1 object, is it okay?

Hello everyone I’m a newcomer from animation and movie stuff.

I want to know, Is it good or bad if i create a object with multiple meshes because i dont know what performances is good for games and I just heard about draw calls for first time and as i know 1 material = 1 draw calls but if I have 1 object with 3 meshes and 1 material it’s going to be 3 draw calls right ?

I ask because this is the way when i create an object. I create many mesh and combine into 1 object

my english is not good then if you dont get it ? this is what i ask

Is it good for games if i create 1 object with multiple meshes ?


It’s fine to have a mesh made up of objects that aren’t attached to each other (like vertex welded)
Every separate object (every actor) in UE4 is an additional draw call. Each material on that object is another draw call, so if you have 3 materials on an object then it’ll be 3 draw calls just for the materials.

thank you that you understand what I ask ^^